Partnership between FCP and Floorball Kenya has begun

Partnership between FCP and Floorball Kenya has begun

Letter from Kenneth Karani – Floorball Kenya

Dear Oskar and FCP team,

Thank you for the great work you are doing at FCP to get everyone in China to play Floorball. We are proud of you and look up to you to continue with the great work.

My name is Kenneth Karani from Kenya Nairobi, I am the director of Lifetime Skills Talents and Fun Industry a private sports training and events company in Nairobi.

The coordinator of Floorball Federation of Kenya which the process of registration is ongoing. We would be happy to partner with FCP Floorball Centre Pro in introduction and development of Floorball in Kenya.

Our objectives are to coordinate floorball within Kenya:

  • Promote, encourage and develop floorball in Kenya and the wider community
  • To strive to provide and support a competitive floorball programme
  • To represent floorball within the community
  • To encourage as a great level of participation in floorball as possible to all levels
  • To promote the importance of participation and involvement in floorball to the personal development individuals, including through the provision of access to coaching qualifications.

I work with a passionate and committed people who are focused to get the sport up and running on voluntary basis. We are in stages of introducing the sport to schools, clubs, companies, colleges, estates and universities.

It has not been easy until we wrote to you, when we saw your programs and what you do in China. We are very happy to your advice that has gotten as strong despite a few hitches. We started playing using broom sticks and a small round ball.
Thanks Oskar for your great encouragement and advice we have received since we got in contact with FCP, Floorball Centre Pro. You came in at the right time to encourage us when we were almost in tears. We are sure that our Floorball will improve.

Kindly our Floorball story one day we had just had training at Impala club with over 30 young boys who really challenged us to take Floorball seriously because they love and enjoy the game.

They dint want to stop playing, the sticks were few, some without shoes, we didn’t have keeper staff, we dint have everything but it was a challenge for us. We continued and promised to do something about it. The players continue to come all the times despite all that and even come with friends. We went to Makini and Shani the story with all the children was the same, we are at the moment faced with a challenge of where to go at what time because of limited sticks and materials plus expertise.

Your programs in China really excites us and we relate that to our dreams. We pray that you will walk with us and make our dreams come true, the dreams of Kenyans learning to play Floorball.

We are amazed with what we have seen happening in your programs in China, we would be glad to partner with you and get more children and adults benefit though the partnership in your programs in terms of competitions and exchange programs coaches training. We need your support and your other friend’s for the growth of Floorball.

The future of Floorball in Kenya and Africa is big and bright for all stakeholders, be it manufactures, players, families, coaches, schools, institutions and everyone.kenya5

A good number of our coaches and students are keen and eager to learn and play Floorball up to international standards also as lifetime skills, profession and pass them to others.

Due to that we have put in place a national federation known as Floorball Federation of Kenya, which has interested coaches in all counties also to form clubs in Kenya. We have a face book account and we are in the process of setting up a website.

We are mobilizing and sending them rules and how to play with improvised materials as we look forward for any help from our friends.

Oskar our plea to your good organization FCP and other friends from us is that we need your support to have all that it takes to introduce Floorball in Kenya, we need your help and assistance in proper coaches and referees training. We are being guided by the great programs and work you are doing in China.

We need assistance in materials and equipment, we need exchange programs for our Floorball athletes, we need your assistance in coaches and students´ camps. We need all the assistance that we can get for the development of our athletes. We need to share the calendar of events and get our players participate in international tournaments and also get scholarships. We plan to do schools and institutions programs, training and competitions and also masters in companies and institutions.

Our programs for September through December are as follows, we will continue to go to schools, clubs, colleges, universities, companies and institutions to introduce and get them to play Floorball. We are planning a big holidays coaches and referees training between November and December and we are requesting for your help to do that.


During the training we will have a Floorball training camp for children and adults which will also be used by trainee coaches and referees. We also need your help in this great venture. Think of it that we get almost 2000 participants and all with FCP branding.

We are planning to get 1 to 3 coaches from every county, school and club for training in Nairobi and in turn we empower them to go back and pass the skills. We request FCP and other friends to advise and assist us to do this great training.

The beauty of Floorball is fun, fast, safe and irresistible, every age group is attracted to learn and play. We have managed to introduce and play with one set of sticks donated to us by good friends, which has worked for initial stages of getting everyone know, play the game of Floorball.

We are very glad that the reception is great, superb though we are overwhelmed by the numbers and the kind expertise and equipment we have to manage to give better services.

We are happy that FCP and you have encouraged us to soldier on despite our challenges. From our end the future is very bright for all stakeholders in Floorball, be it manufactures, players, coaches, administrators, schools, clubs, families and the whole world.

Our major challenge is when we have to ask the players to stop or change [ subs] for others to play. Also when one group is to go and introduce floorball to two or three different schools or clubs or university.

Our resolve is to get every one of all age categories and abilities participate and play floorball. The reception and the feeling is great and encouraging.kenya2

We are looking for competitive floorball to thrive in our country with your help. We are focused to get it running and our targets are schools, universities, colleges, estates, clubs and companies and grow it in all counties.

We are requesting for advice, assistance, help, coaches training and camps, equipment, sticks and balls of any type be it old or new.

Thanks in advance as we look forward to a great floorball relationship.

Best regards,

Karani Kenneth – Coordinator / Coach

Lifetime Skills Talents and Fun Industry / Floorball Federation of Kenya

Nairobi – 2016