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FCP winners – Shanghai Youth Floorball League

The first Shanghai Youth Floorball League under 12 and under 13 age division championships were decided via a single tournament on September 25, 2016. FCP had strong teams in both age groups and finished the day with no losses and two big trophies!

The U12 tournament was played in the morning and featured 3 teams. FCP, Shanghai Experimental School, and Shanghai Youyue Floorball Club. FCP U12 is one of our strongest teams and started the day off with a good match against the Youyue team. The matches were two times 20 minutes so there was plenty of time to score. On the other hand, we were trying not to get tired as most of the U12 team would also play in the U13 group. The match went well and FCP was able to come away with a convincing 19:3 victory.

FCP TrophyThe next match went even better and all players were eager to score goals. SES U12 players tried hard, but were no match for the FCP U12. In the second half we played mostly with our U10 players Apple and Chris, and our least experienced player Nessa (to give other players more rest for the U13 tournament), but we were still able to keep scoring goals and eventually the match ended 27:2 for FCP.

FCP won the U12 tournament with a goal difference of +41! The other two teams tied their match 8:8 and thus the Youyue team got the second place due to better goal difference.

The best player of the team award was given to Matias. The top goal scorer of the tournament was Chris, and the most assist went to Nessa and Stone.

All FCP U12 players were able to score or assist (Anton spent most of the time as the goal keeper). (the statistics were provided by tournament organizers and may not be completely accurate)

What is more important than the number of goals and assists, is that all players did their best to help the team succeed. The spirits were high and the mood great all throughout the tournament and i believe everyone had fun and enjoyed playing floorball – and that is what youth sports is all about.

FCP winnerThe U13 tournament was played in the afternoon and featured 4 teams. FCP, Shanghai Experimental School (SES), Shanghai Foreign Language School (SFLS), and the Guanghua Middle School Eagle & Lion team. The FCP U13 had 8 players who also played in the U12 tournament, but were aided by the addition of Anoushka, Nathan, and Lucas (who is probably the best floorball player of his age in Shanghai).

The first match for FCP was against a new team – the Guanghua Eagles & Lions. FCP players, perhaps a bit overconfident, were quickly caught off guard as the other team managed to score a nice goal within a minute from the start. This seemed to awaken the FCP players who continued to score throughout the whole match and eventually won 31-2. The opponents later said that they have been training for only a month.

The second match was going to be different, as the opponent was the SES U13. SES U14 team beat us in the May 8 tournament, but their U13 team was missing most of the key players from the U14 team. Still, they are a well coached physical team with many players that went to Finland and Sweden this August as a part of FCP organized floorball training tour. The match against SES was tight from the beginning, with FCP maintaining a 1 or 2 goal lead most of the first half, though SES did manage to tie the score once or twice. In the second half the better individual skills of FCP players started to take effect and, as our players missed less chances, FCP started to pull away. The final score was 12-4 for FCP.


The third match for FCP U13 (and fifth match of the day for most of our players) was against SFLS team. SFLS has usually been a bit weaker than SES and also lost against them (6-10) in this tournament. It is hard to say if it was the fatigue, or let down after winning the previous very important match, but for most of the first half of this game the FCP players were constantly a step behind and a moment too late. SFLS players on the other hand were flying around the court in high spirits and were able to score many nice goals, most of them from quick cross passes that caught FCP players off guard and out of position. SFLS raced out to 4-1 and 5-2 leads. FCP players started fighting harder, but too often sought to score on their own instead of playing as a team. After SFLS scored two more quick goals for a 7-3 lead it was time to make some adjustments. We shortened our rotation and found a lineup that worked. Lucas, Matias, Oskari and Elsa, with Nathan, and later Anton, in goal. This group was able to score two goals before the break and bring back hope for our team. The beginning of the second half was the most intense of the tournament. SFLS fought hard, had some chances and even scored a goal, but FCP was able to respond and eventually tie the game at 8-8. To keep the pace we went back to the full lineup and everyone did a great job keeping the pressure on SFLS and scoring goals. Match ended 14-9 for FCP!

FCP U13 team won all 3 games, scored 57 goals, allowed 15 goals (+42), and generally played nice floorball. I am very proud of our team for supporting and encouraging each other the whole tournament (and also in practices).

Best player of the team award for the U13 competition went to Evan. Tournament’s best goal scorer was Lucas, and most assists were handed out by Sage.

Every player on our team did a great job fighting hard, playing for the team, and giving your best. Like i said before, goals and assists are only one part of the game, everyone should be proud of the way they played and helped our team win!  (the statistics were provided by tournament organizers and may not be completely accurate)Sander FCP coach

FCP U13 and U12 both did a wonderful job playing together and for each other and made me a proud coach of CHAMPIONS!