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Introducing: FCP Player of the Year 2016 – Apple Wang

The FCP Player of the Year 2016 is Apple Wang! Congratulations Apple, you deserve it!

There were 1526 votes cast in the online voting. Apple was the winner with 61% of the votes, Chris came in second with 20%, and Larry third with 15% of the votes.

As i wrote when introducing the candidates – I think all of them are worthy of the honor!

I must say that i am happy that the only girl nominated won, our club needs more girls, especially girls like Apple.

Apple first joined floorball classes at SCIS Pudong in the beginning of 2016. She was the youngest in the group, and the only girl, and she seemed so shy at first, but when the match started she showed her potential and talent for scoring right away. She had played inline hockey before, so she already had some stick skills and a straight forward playing style.

What i like most about Apple, and you could see it from the first practice, is her great attitude. She is very eager and enthusiastic to learn, and she is not afraid to challenge anyone.

Her love for floorball is only rivaled by few. This led to her joining every practice and tournament available, and with great results! Apple was part of FCP-s first ever tournament victory back in March 2016 in an U13 tournament (she had just turned 9). And she played a key part in it, being on the same line with Evan and helping start our second half comeback in the final with her passing and pressure on opposing team’s defenders. She was even really close to scoring.

In the May 8 tournament Apple was the savior of our U10 team. She was the only girl, and because of the one girl on the court rule she had to play the whole time. She loved it, and her play (she was our second leading scorer) helped our team win the trophy! At the ISPO tournament in early July she was already the leader of our team, being the best goal scorer of the tournament and leading our team to victory.

In October at the Shanghai Youth Floorball League tournament she again helped our team dominate. She was part of both U10 and U12 teams and helped both teams win their categories. She was the best goal scorer in the U10, scoring an amazing 26 goals on the first day of the two day tournament.

Only in the CFF tournament in November did our U10 team not win with Apple, finishing 3rd, but she did her best like she always does.

As a player Apple is at her best as an attacker. She loves to score, but she is also a good passer and a team player. She is great at putting pressure on opposing players, stealing the ball, and creating chances for her team mates or herself. She has natural talent for scoring, her shots are accurate and hard to stop. She learned many moves and tricks during the year, and became very good at scoring goals by going around the goal.

It is a big blow to our team that Apple and Ken had to move to Boston, USA, at the end of the year. I hope they will still have chances to practice floorball and come visit us in Shanghai.