Introducing FCP Player of the Year 2017 - Floorball Centre Pro China

Introducing FCP Player of the Year 2017

The FCP Player of the Year 2017 is Ricky Liang! Congratulations Ricky!

Ricky has been part of FCP family for many years already. He first joined with his friend Chris more than 3 years ago and soon showed that he can read the game well and has a strong shot.

Since then Ricky has been part of many tournaments and has become the best player at the YK Pao primary school –  one of the most floorball crazy shools in China and a school where many of our players come from.

Ricky is a leader. He is good with people, he can sense when to be fun, and when to be serious. As a result, he has the friendship and respect of his teammates.

Ricky is a player that has become confident is his ability and is not afraid to take on responsibility. That means that he is usually looking to score. Ricky has a really good shot, so he has become a good scorer, though sometimes i would like to see him work more to get to better shooting positions instead of launching cross court bombs. Ricky is a good passer, and as a coach i think he should use that ability more. Ricky is strong and has steady hands – this helps him win many 1on1 situations. When Ricky is motivated and focused he can often be the best player on the court.

Congratulations Ricky!

Continue practicing and you will become a very good player!