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Floorball Summer Trip with Riga Floorball Cup

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This summer we are organizing a floorball trip to Northern Europe that will feature the Riga Floorball Cup on August 16-18. 


Riga Floorball Cup is an international floorball tournament with categories for Men, Women, and youth players – B14 (those born 2005 and later), B12 (2007 and later), B10 (2009 and later). 


I think this is an especially great chance for those players born 2009 and later, because there are very few international tournaments during summer for this age group. I also feel confident that our players in that age group can be competitive against same age players from anywhere in the world. 


Last summer we took a small group of players (mostly born 2009) to Northern Europe, and played several friendly matches with local clubs in Estonia, Sweden, and Finland with good results (1W, 3D, 1L).


This summer the plan is to prepare for the tournament by travelling in Northern Europe playing friendly games and exercising in the clean nature. 


We will start the trip in Estonia, where we will enjoy the fresh air and clean forrests of my homeland. We will practice and play with my former club in Tartu, and possibly with clubs from our medival capital Tallinn as well. 


Then we will take a relaxing overnight cruise to Stockholm, Sweden. There we will visit the kings castle and play against clubs from the birthplace of Floorball. 


Another overnight cruise with great views will take us to Helsinki in Finland. There are sea forts and rock churces to visit, and top clubs to play matches against. 


From Helsinki we take a ferry back to Tallinn, and then head south to Riga to play in the Riga Floorball Cup.


Riga is a nice bustling city with a beautiful old town of its own. 


05-Aug8月5日Monday星期一 Tallinn sightseeing, sports camp塔林观光 运动营Tallinn, Estonia爱沙尼亚 塔林
06-Aug8月6日Tuesday星期二Sports camp, nature hike运动营 徒步旅行Nelijärve, Estonia爱沙尼亚 内里维尔
07-Aug8月7日Wednesday星期三Tartu sightseeing, floorball training塔图观光 floorball训练Tartu,  Estonia爱沙尼亚 塔图
08-Aug8月8日Thursday星期四Floorball friendly matchfloorball友谊赛Tartu,  Estonia爱沙尼亚 塔图
09-Aug8月9日Friday星期五Return to Tallinn, ferry to Stockholm返回塔林 轮渡前往斯德哥尔摩Tallinn,  Estonia爱沙尼亚 塔林
10-Aug8月10日Saturday星期六Stockholm sightseeing, friendly match斯德哥尔摩观光 友谊赛Stockholm, Sweden瑞典 斯德哥尔摩
11-Aug8月11日Sunday星期日Stockholm sightseeing, friendly match斯德哥尔摩观光 友谊赛Stockholm, Sweden瑞典 斯德哥尔摩
12-Aug8月12日Monday星期一Stockholm nature, ferry to Helsinki斯德哥尔摩自然观光 轮渡前往赫尔辛基Stockholm-Helsinki斯德哥尔摩-赫尔辛基
13-Aug8月13日Tuesday星期二Helsinki sightseeing, friendly match赫尔辛基观光 友谊赛Helsinki,  Finland芬兰 赫尔辛基
14-Aug8月14日Wednesday星期三Helsinki sightseeing, friendly match, 赫尔辛基观光 友谊赛ferry to Tallinn轮渡前往塔林Helsinki-Tallinn赫尔辛基-塔林
15-Aug8月15日Thursday星期四Drive to Riga, sightseeing开车前往里加 观光Tallinn-Riga塔林-里加
16-Aug8月16日Friday星期五Riga Floorball Cup里加floorball赛Riga,  Latvia拉脱维亚 里加
Riga Floorball Cup里加floorball赛Riga,  Latvia拉脱维亚 里加
18-Aug8月18日Sunday星期日Riga Floorball Cup里加floorball赛Riga,  Latvia拉脱维亚 里加
19-Aug8月19日Monday星期一Return to Shangha返回上海

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