At the Floorball Centre China we love floorball!

We want to do what we can to bring out the sport, and develop it. We are dedicated to promoting the exciting game of floorball, a fast growing sport in China. Since our founding in 2013 we have developed into a concept covering different parts of floorball. Looking forward to establish new possibilities and relationships, we provide a great workout in a fun environment.

With 20 years of experience in coaching and playing floorball, we are certain that you will find a suitable program for you and your team. sign up today!


It is a safe, fast paced team sport providing fun and excitement for everyone. It is played on foot with a lightweight stick and a plastic ball, the rules are easy to learn and there is no physical contact. Floorball is a fun, quick and active sport for all ages from kids to adults. Relatively new to China, interest in Floorball has taken off with the support of Floorball Centre Pro.